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Why Gachibowli is the Hottest place to Invest in a Home

Published on November 12, 2018

As you move around in your social circles, you may have been part of some conversations about investing in Gachibowli – about how the place has emerged as the heart of the new city and is one of the fastest appreciating areas today.

In the past couple of years, Hyderabad has emerged as one of the hottest markets in the country. And even more recently, Gachibowli in particular has seen booming growth in terms of real estate.

So, next time you think of property investment, Gachibowli could be the ideal place. Not convinced? Let us explain.

Why is the property market surging forward?

The main reason for the spurt in property sales in Hyderabad is due to the political stability that first came about in 2014, when Telangana separated from Andhra Pradesh, after years of instability.

According to industry experts, the government policy and infrastructural developments such as the Hyderabad Metro Rail, strategic road development and elevated corridors boosted the residential property market in the city.

One of the areas where the government strengthened infrastructure is Gachibowli. Being an IT hub, Gachibowli is home to a number of MNCs and IT firms. Some of the largest companies in the area include Cognizant Technology Solutions, Genpact, Microsoft, IBM and Hitachi.

Compared to other cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Chennai where average property sales actually saw severe declines, Hyderabad’s sales growth has grown by a massive 32 percent from the average of 2013-14 to 2017. (source: Economic Times article).

Promise of a fine quality of life

The vast number of job opportunities are not the only lucrative factor in Gachibowli; a number of schools, restaurants, malls, retail stores, hospitals and parks are located in the area too.

This has led to an escalation in number of people wanting to make this area their address, which in turn has paved way to high rental incomes for people looking to invest here.

Since Gachibowli is well-connected and there are a number of transport options such as cabs and the Metro. All of this together adds to the high standard of living for people here.

Let us explore this in detail in the next point.

Incredible connectivity

The construction of the metro corridor and existence of a multitude of flyovers is another reason why people are flocking to this area in vast numbers.

It is well connected to the sparkling Banjara and Jubilee Hills as well as close to the Financial District.

So whether it is an important client meeting or a quick catch up with friends , nothing is ever too far.  

Additionally, the Rajiv Gandhi International airport is easily accessible via the Outer Ring road and is just a 30 minute drive.

The ease of commute and access to all things essential has made this a lucrative area for investors vying for higher ROIs.

Plush life around lush greenery

One might think that with all the infrastructure development and growth, Gachibowli would be highly polluted with nothing but concrete jungles that offer a plush lifestyle.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth though!

The area is amply sprinkled with lush gardens, parks and green spaces to keep the balance intact. It not only gives the eye a refreshing break from a grey and concrete landscape but also appeals to those with a sporty bone.

Some of the verdant spaces are Biodiversity Park, Vijayabhaskara Reddy Botanical Gardens (Hyderabad Botanical Garden), Pala Pitta Cycling Park and more.

Have we managed to convince you to put your money in an area that promises only appreciation and good ROIs?

We think so too. It would be a good idea to take a look at all the ultra luxury projects that have come up in Gachibowli-Kondapur area to help you make the best investment choice.

One of the options you can consider is our project – The Botanika which is located on the Gachibowli-Kondapur main road. The project offers an ultra luxury lifestyle that truly reflects who you are.

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