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The Many Benefits of Having Good Neighbours in Your Community

Published on July 8, 2022

How often do you think about your neighbors? Whether you’re busy at work, raising kids, or catching up on Netflix, it can be easy to overlook the people right next door to you. Good neighbours can be invaluable. Especially, when living in the community-they’re there when you need them and they can even lend a helping hand when the going gets tough. Take some time to consider the benefits of having good neighbours in your community!

Good neighbors are a blessing

You need to be able to trust someone with your kids. Who can take care of them while you are at work, who can watch over them while they play outside and who can help them if they need a helping hand? If you’re moving into a gated community, chances are there will be other young families living nearby. That means your children will have peers to play with and friends within their age group that they can learn from. These benefits aren’t just for your kids – having good neighbours is invaluable for parents as well! When you are on vacation or out of town for an extended period, it’s nice to know someone close by has a spare key or will pick up your mail when you’re away or water your plants regularly. 

Knowing your neighbours is good for your health

Studies show that people who live in good neighbourhoods—where they know their neighbours and have a strong social network—are healthier. Knowing your neighbours means you’re more likely to take care of yourself because you don’t want to let them down. When you share common interests, such as going to a weekly yoga class together or playing sports on a local team, it creates healthy competition between friends that spurs each other on to do well. Good neighbours can be badminton partners, your gym partner or even your partner for those morning walks which you can never quite keep your commitment to by waking up early. Knowing someone is waiting for you will surely help you get going.

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Knowing your neighbours makes you feel safer

Most people want to live in a safe community where they feel safe from crime. Knowing your neighbours is one of the best ways to get a good sense of a neighbourhood’s safety level. And, with social networking sites like Facebook, you can get connected with many people who live nearby. Some people might not be comfortable socializing with their neighbours. But it doesn’t hurt to at least try and be friendly, as it could make you feel safer knowing that there are others looking out for your well-being if anything were to happen. Neighbours can be your security shield and it makes life easier knowing that there are others watching out for you. 

Knowing your neighbours makes you happier

Having a good group of neighbours makes you happier because you have people around you. Living with like-minded neighbours allows you to have interesting conversations, learn new things and most importantly, connect with others on a deeper level. For example, living next to an affluent neighbour can help open doors for your future opportunities. A unique benefit of living in a gated community like Botanika is that you get access to amenities such as pool houses, game rooms and other social spaces where you can host events for your neighbours and friends. With life becoming increasingly busy and digitalized, having those face-to-face interactions becomes more important. Also, you don’t need to travel great distances to meet your friends. Your friends are right next door or maybe on the next block. Your kids will also have their own circle of friends close to them and that makes them more active and engaged socially.

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Getting involved with local organizations strengthens your community and you

Getting involved with local organizations and getting to know your neighbours helps you build a good social community and even results in better overall health. For example, it’s proven that living in a gated community lowers your risk for heart disease. This is mainly due to healthier food options, stronger support networks and greater levels of physical activity. Likewise, people who have strong social ties have lower rates of depression than those who don’t. For example, studies indicate that up to 25 per cent of new cases of depression can be attributed to stressful relationships with family or friends; conversely, a positive support network can help reduce stress as well as increase feelings of self-worth.

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