How living in a low density gated community can help you and your family

Published on April 27, 2022

If you’re looking for a more peaceful, quiet neighbourhood with a higher quality of life, consider moving into a low density community.  Low density communities are an excellent choice for those who still want to be close to the action of the city without feeling overwhelmed by it.  Such communities are the perfect places to build your dream home, raise a family, and retire in style.

Advantages of low density communities

There are many advantages to living in a low density community. Some of them are:

More peaceful

More people means more noise and less time for yourself. In fact, if your main priority is peace and quiet, then a low density community is the right choice for you. Having fewer people around means that you can enjoy a more spacious and quiet lifestyle. Whether you’re trying to get your kids to do their homework, get some work done from home, or just enjoy some peace and quiet, it’s easier when there aren’t as many people around. And it’s not just your life becoming more peaceful, you also get more privacy, no more nosy neighbours to crash your mediation circle with their uninvited company.

Higher quality of life

If you want the best resources and amenities for yourself and your family, especially if you have young kids, then living in a low density area with fewer people is the best option. Fewer people means more for everyone. It’s simple: the less competition there is for playgrounds, parks, parking areas, and public spaces, the better. You’ll never have to worry about whether or not you’re getting your fair share. Instead, you can spend all that time enjoying your life and spending more time with your family.

Close-knit community

A lot of people think that if you live in a low-density area you do not have any opportunities to connect or even meet your neighbours. However, that is actually not true. Living in a low-density area can actually help you form closer bonds with your neighbours. Since there are fewer people, it becomes easier to see someone and recognize them as a person and not just another face among the crowd.

Botanika outdoors


Low density communities allow you to live a more eco-friendly life without compromising on quality of life. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about getting from A to B using your vehicle in a community. Everything is within walking distance or close by. Not only that, Botanika also overlooks the 200-acre Botanical Garden, a much needed treat for your eyes and lungs. 

These are all fantastic reasons to look for a community with less people.  And that’s where low-density gated communities like The Botanika come in. From the moment you pass through the gates of The Botanika, you’ll feel different. Its low density (350 apartments in 7.3 acres) provides residents with enough space and privacy to enjoy life. You’ll be able to take in a deep breath, and loosen up your shoulders. It can be said that the Botanika is ultra-luxury living at its finest.