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Health & Environmental Benefits Of Landscaping In Your Gated Community

Published on May 21, 2019

Imagine living in a gated community, surrounded by nature and its vibrant colours and sweet fragrances. From waking up to the sight of green spaces that brighten your day to winding down with cool evening breeze brushing past you; neighbourhoods nestled in lush greenery are a blissful place to live in.

Nature, in today’s day and age, has become the perfect antidote to the modern city chaos. Which is why a lot of people are choosing eco-conscious living to reclaim the intangible peace that greenery brings along with it.

As you know, landscaping has made its way into the very core of every major gated community in Hyderabad today. From manicured lawns to green breathing spaces, time spent at home is not just delightful but healthy too. But how does landscaping help in boosting your mood? Does it also have a positive impact on the environment?

Read on to explore some of the little understood yet significant benefits of landscaping in the ever so changing urban environment.

Well-rounded Childhood

Greenery promotes a happier playtime for your children that is physically active. Trees also benefit the overall well-being of kids by lowering the stress levels and promoting relaxation.

Kids who have access to green spaces are also said to experience cognitive development. Interacting with nature also teaches them humility by giving them a chance to respect the surroundings they live in.

Natural Coolants

One of the vital aspects of landscaping — grass, is much cooler than cement or granite pathways. In fact, on any given day, grass is said to cut down the temperature by 10-14 degrees when compared to asphalt or cement.

Environmental Cleansers

Grass, plants and trees play a vital role in capturing the dust from the surrounding air. Smoke particles and various other pollutants, though not clearly visible to the naked eye, have become an inseparable part of the air that we breathe in.

This is the reason why many residential projects have made it mandatory to maintain lawns and green spaces that naturally cleanse the atmosphere in the neighbourhood. Tree canopies also amplify the oxygen levels in the air, purifying it at the same time.

Mood Enhancement

With work schedules getting stressful by the day, you might find it difficult to take time out to connect with nature. But an early morning walk on the dewy grass or a quick jog in the evening amidst lush greenery can help you develop an overall positive attitude and improve your daily mood.

Water Purifiers

Lawns act as water runoff buffers, drastically reducing the flow of sediments and pollutants to the water bodies nearby. In fact, woody plants also help in retaining soil moisture and lowering the magnitude of soil erosion, especially during the monsoons.

Improved Productivity

Various studies have shown the benefits of human interaction with nature, either directly or indirectly.

It is said that simply viewing plants or trees through a window may significantly improve your focus and efficiency. People tend to feel better instantly when surrounded by nature and feel the need to make an effort to incorporate it into their lives, be it a backyard lawn or living in a home nestled in nature.

Noise Minimisers

Another impressive quality of trees is that they help in muffling the loud noises of the busy traffic as well. The wind passing through the leaves of plants and trees helps in minimising the intensity of the sounds.

A properly designed buffer of trees and shrubs can reduce the noise levels by about 5-10 decibels or at least 50% as perceived by the human ear. (Source – Mother Nature Network)

Better Quality Of Life

Did you know that your daily interaction with nature can significantly reduce blood pressure?

Reports from all across the world clearly indicate that people living in greener neighbourhoods show lower stress levels and spend significantly less on healthcare expenses compared to the ones residing in inner cities.

Stress Relief

Too often, we are stuck in the world of technology that we forget to step outside to take a break and soak in the sunshine.

Staying indoors for a longer period of time can induce passive stress and anxiety over a period of time. It is advised to interact with nature as much as possible for a better headspace. The sight, smell and sound of green outdoors are said to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Gardens adorned with blooming flowers and vibrant shrubs create a calming atmosphere thereby lowering your cortisol levels.

As cities continue to grow and develop, the need for community parks and personal, backyard oases will keep expanding. This is the reason why many reputed gated communities now include expansive breathing spaces that amplify the beauty of your home and health.

Thanks to the innovative architectural designs of the new-age residential communities like The Botanika, connecting with nature that surrounds you is possible from the comfort of your home!