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The Botanika’s Guide to Your Son’s Awesome Bedroom

Published on December 5, 2017

For whom do you try coming back home early? Around whom does your whole life revolve? Who is the only one for whom you can sacrifice your sleep, soccer games and kitty parties?

Your son!

Therefore, it’s natural that you’d like to spend sufficient time and thought around building your son’s bedroom. Here are a few guidelines, in keeping with your son’s age and personality – that could help make your son’s bedroom the most attractive part of your home.

Your Tyke’s ‘G-I-Joe’ Bedroom

Should you have a son in his pre-teens, you need to be watchful about what you put in his bedroom! Boys at this age can get excessively naughty or destructive. So you want to create an environment that would bring out their most constructive side.

So other than toys and cars, you could invest in a black board and colourful chalks to let them express themselves in whatever way they please. Keep the room minimalist and choose durable furniture, preferably wood. Boys at this age tend to love tents in their room to hide and bunk beds for the adventure to climb, and even when they have a friend stay over at night!

This is also a great time to bring in a puppy. Helps with companionship and to grow values like caring, sharing and responsibility.

Your Champ’s ‘Captain America’ Bedroom

At their teens, boys start developing their tastes and like their opinions to be taken seriously. So ask them what colours they prefer, what music they like, what comics they read and so on. Don’t try to replicate your own childhood bedroom for them and expect them to love it just as much. Remember, they have their own heroes and antiheroes!

Incorporate their views as far as possible and build their bedroom accordingly. If your son likes Superman, Batman, Captain America, or any other comic characters, you could theme his room around comic books. You could have vintage comic posters or bedsheets / pillows with comic characters on them. They tend to somehow love red and blue – the Captain America colours during this phase!

You may want to have simple lights if you have a playful boy. At this age, you’d rather put a basketball hoop in the room, let them shoot and release their energies, than worry about fancy lights!

Your Drummer’s ‘Coldplay’ Bedroom

By now, your son is no longer your son, but your buddy! He is hitting adulthood and getting attracted to everything ‘adult’! Let his creativity breathe in whichever way he likes. If he likes music, allow him to frame posters of his favourite musicians / albums on the wall. If he plays the drums, make sure to budget space for his kit. If he enjoys sports, invest energy in discovering space for his golf clubs or tennis rackets.

If he is more of a reader or painter and likes to spend time in one spot, create an appropriate corner which is well-lit with a desk, rug, cane mora and the like. If he is more of a TV show / movie watcher – create an entertainment / activity corner with a tele or PC for him, and make sure to have the correct seating arrangement which is firm yet comfortable to avoid backaches or spine problems.

If he is more outgoing, and likes his shoes, shirts and suits, make sure to budget more storage space around his room. Grown men usually love their blacks, greys and blues. So these shades can blend in perfectly if you create plywood furniture with these colours on them. Or use them on one of the walls by way of a wallpaper and never go wrong!

Building your son’s bedroom can be as challenging and fulfilling as building them. Here’s wishing you luck on this beautiful journey. Onwards and upwards!