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The Botanika’s Guide To A Plush Living Room

Published on October 6, 2017

As they say, first impressions are the last impressions. And your living room being the first space in your home that your guests get to see, it is essential that you put your best foot forward with it. Here are a few tips from The Botanika that could help you raise the bar and become the trendsetter.

  • Choose Appropriate Hues

When you know the kind of mood you want in your home, you can always find the colour to match your taste. For a relaxed, spacious look, you could go for lighter shades in solids or wallpapers – a subtle off-white, beige, cream or light pastels could give the room a sophisticated look.

If you want to go bold, you can go for some textured walls in chocolate brown, burnt orange, coffee or rust or even have intricate wallpapers all over.

Some of you dig raw rugged walls with the brick look too, so, you can do the same with your living room, or opt for naked concrete walls with slight texture.

  • Focus On Furniture

To set up a cosy living room, you need to find the right kind of seating arrangements that make your guests feel comfortable.  You could achieve that with a smart center table and a lavish entertainment unit. You could start with the basics like a lazy large couch or a contemporary leather sectional sofa or barcalounger to add the glam factor.

But is the living room only limited to sofas and couches? Not necessarily. You could also place bean bags, floor cushions, etc. There are many options available for you out there online at, etc or even at a store nearby like Home Centre, Hometown etc.

If you have entertainment lovers at home, you can set up the TV unit in front of your couch. If you are a bookworm, you ought to rely on a trendy, yet functional bookshelf which could be placed in one of the corners to reach out for a good read anytime you want.

  • Let There Be Light

Lighting up your house helps lighten up your mood. You ought to spend some time thinking about the kind of lighting you’ll put in your house. But before you jump into buying the lights, look around to observe your ceiling and beams. If you like it subtle and understated, you can go for a center ceiling chandelier over your false ceiling with lampshades in the corners. This also gives it a pleasant feel.

You could also go for an ultra-modern theme with LEDs lighting up your house. This helps in saving the environment as it uses significantly less energy. This works best for walls with beams as you can accommodate those fancy light fixtures. You could also have interesting lamps that could give personality to each corner.

  • Set The Right Mood

Furniture, lights and wall colours are only the basics a living needs to have. But what really makes it what it is are the accessories and the investment you make for the decor. You need to deck it up right to showcase your house when throwing that party to your friends or having your in-laws visit you.

Good art is always appreciated and if you are an admirer, so you can place some good paintings around the living room to cover the naked walls. Colourful clusters of frames, family photos or masks are also great options. You can check out the art gallery in the clubhouse of Botanika for inspiration.

If you prefer the Pinterested rock-punk look or DIY layouts, you could put up posters of your favourite artists, quotations etc around, or polaroids of your vacation pictures etc. Possibilities are innumerable but execution is what drives them. So go ahead and experiment.

Jazz up the room further with sheer curtains, little plants, lamps and rugs; and see the magic unfold.  

If you ever dreamed of designing each and every little detail of your living room but did not find right space for it, The Botanika with its amazing floorplans is here to offer you just that –  aesthetic satisfaction along with the ultimate comfort.

Stay tuned to our next blog to know how you can better design another crucial unit of your home – your bedroom.