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The Botanika’s Guide To Your Daughter’s Bedroom

Published on November 14, 2017

For whom do you try coming back home early? Around whom does your whole life revolve? Who is the only one for whom you can sacrifice your sleep, soccer games and kitty parties?

Your daughter!

Therefore, it’s natural that you’d like to spend sufficient time and thought around building your daughter’s bedroom.  Here are a few guidelines, in keeping with your daughter’s age and personality – that could help make your daughter’s bedroom the brightest and most attractive part of your home.

Your Sunshine’s ‘Candy’ Bedroom

If you are a young couple, who just had a baby daughter, you want to build this room with bright pastel colours, such as baby blue, peach, strawberry, mauve or lemon yellow.

You could even consider wallpapers with stars, candies or little socks on them. Whatever be your choice, you may want to keep the colour of this room bright yet muted to make it look as big and airy as possible.

You could custom-make ladders or racks and paint them bright red, hot pink or cobalt blue for toys and stuffed animals. You could even go for the latest trending distemper or distress finish for your daughter’s crib or cupboard to keep little knickknacks.

If you are a couple for whom this is your second baby, you already have some experience of parenting! You know exactly how your baby’s clock will tick, when they will burp and when they will poo! And exactly how many guests will come to visit after the baby is born! So this room needs to have ample space and sufficient seating capacity.

You could throw in coloured poufs or floor cushions complementing the wall colours, and have funky curtains with birds, taxis or autos on them. You could even explore offbeat options for rice lights and lamps; better still make them yourselves out of bright little umbrellas.

Furthermore, you could keep a swing in this room to help you or your better half relax while you put your daughter to sleep when she wakes up in the middle of the night.

Your Angel’s ‘Doll House’ Bedroom

If you have a pre-teen daughter at home, between 7-13 years of age, living out of a fairy tale and beginning to behave like a lady, this part of the blog is for you! It is important that we as parents understand our children’s personalities and know what they naturally gravitate towards.

There is a myth that a young girl’s bedroom has got to positively be pink! There is no such compulsion. Ask your daughter which colour she likes and build your upholstery around it. Today’s young girls tend to really enjoy peach, sky, turquoise and teal. You could even explore bright wallpapers that have multiple colours in one.

Girls at this age love playing ‘House’ and having imaginary tea-parties. So you could be thoughtful and custom-make lights made out of tea-pots, cups and kettles. You could even make a big desk looking like a cottage piano, so she could keep her dolls, knickknacks and frames on the desk along with her books. Further, you could make sturdy wooden shelves with a glass cover, so that her barbies don’t catch too much dust and are always under her watch!

Regarding furniture you may want to look at wood, considering it’s hardy and durable. Regarding upholstery, your daughter would love curtains with colourful elephants or cushions with owls on them. You could even keep revolving standing bookshelves to encourage her to read, or vases with her favourite flowers. That could teach her to be careful with breakables and also tend to the things she loves.

This is a very special phase of your daughter’s growing up years, so you want to give her nothing but the best!

Your Lady’s ‘Grown-up’ Bedroom

This is the time when your adolescent girl is slowly becoming the woman you always imagined her to be. You see her borrowing her mother’s lipsticks and recycling her mother’s sarees. At this point, the dressing table becomes really important!

It may be a good idea to give her a white room and add colour with pastel upholstery. During this phase girls usually start growing out of their dolls and moving slowly towards paints, diaries, books and music.

You could put an antique queen bed in your princess’s room! And make it more grand with soft pillows and flowing sheer curtains surrounding the bed. You could give her a nice full-length vanity mirror and frame it with an intricate frame. You could decorate the dressing area with fairy lights, miniature kites, firkis, colourful post its, clips, and old polaroid pictures.

If she likes pastel shades you could think of apple green or peach curtains with Khari, Kalamkari, Paan or Paisley prints on them. If she likes block prints or kantha, which you’ll know by the kind of kurtas she picks, get her similar bedspreads that complement her personality.

If she turns out to be a bookworm, get her interesting bookshelves – like zigzag wall bookshelves and revolving standing shelves or even ladders with book stoppers on either side. You could even keep a swing or lazy boy in the room to help her relax as she reads her favourite books.

If she is fond of plants or flowers, you could buy her pretty hanging planters with baby creepers to hang by the window or little pots with indoor succulents in them. You could even include a console for perfumed candles or bangle stands as their tastes become more grown up than you’d think at this age!

Stay tuned to our next blog for tips on designing your son’s bedroom. Till then, thank you for reading!